Small town roots, big league experience, conservative values, and good old-fashioned common sense.

Hello and thank you for visiting my webpage!

I am the wife, daughter and granddaughter of United States veterans. I am honored that Major Ed Pulido asked me to sit on the Warriors for Freedom Foundation board, and I enjoyed serving such a special organization. I believe that the United States Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees are what separate us from the rest of the world.

I uphold and defend the Constitution in my legal career. I can proudly say that I prosecuted hundreds of domestic violence cases fairly as an Assistant District Attorney. I worked hard to ensure victims found justice. Equally valuable is my experience upholding the rights of the hundreds of indigent clients I defended as an Assistant Public Defender.

I believe judges should be the ambassadors of our court system. Folks look to the judge to set the tone in the courtroom. I understand most people are scared to death to be in a court of law, whatever the reason. My staff and I will treat you in an efficient and professional, courteous and gracious manner.

I will apply the law in a fair and judicious manner to all those in my courtroom. My experience working with law enforcement provides valuable insight. I know how a criminal case evolves, from start to finish, and won’t allow the court’s time or the taxpayer’s dollars to be wasted frivolously.

Actively listening to both sides, and applying the law, as it’s written, to the facts presented to me is just one part of the job. Judges have options when issuing orders affecting people in their courts…from parenting skills classes, diversionary programs, drug and substance abuse treatment options, mediation options, and on and on. Maintaining a working knowledge of these programs is a duty to my profession and those who come before me.

I genuinely enjoy people, meeting them, learning about them. Running for district judge has been a lifelong dream of mine. This campaign is an opportunity I am extremely grateful for…especially when women and girls in other parts of the world who are being kidnapped, tortured and murdered for simply having the audacity to attend school.

It will be my great honor to serve the people of Oklahoma County as a district judge. I ask for your vote on Tuesday, June 26th. Thank you.